Today, in most western societies, our pets are seen as four-legged children.  We all love our pets but usually have issues with people somewhere in our lives.  Because we love our pets, we readily identify with and will consider analogies that have our pets involved.  Dr. J reframes how we see our present and future lives, relationships, jobs or careers through our pet's behavior and attitudes.  You may say:  "They are just animals!"  Dr. J would say that learning how to build the relationships our pets build with humanity (except for the jerks) would improve our lives and the lives of all those around us.  This can be taught and applied.  Knowledge of this type helps us understand how we got 'here' in our lives and new effective, fun ways to get 'there.'  Between our ears (within our brains) we have a "trainer" and his or her "dog" that needs training.  Dr. J focuses on pets, their people and how our pets act as mirrors for our behavior.  The topics of his keynote addresses act as guides to a potentially more fulfilled, happier and healthier future because of the love of our pets and our emotional bond with them.      

Jossportrait  Living with Joss, a classic Border Collie, started the odessy for Dr. J to look at the similarities of the brains and behavior of humans and pets.  Joss was sweet, detailed and intelligent.  She built great relationships.  She was everything you could want in a companion.  He began to realize that Joss used certain behaviors to build the relationship.  All of our pets see us differently than we see ourselves.  When we see us as they do, we begin to understand that we are different people than we think we are.  If we adapt their view, we become much better humans and build much healthier relationships.

Dr. J says:  "While our dogs love us, they really love another dog.  Primarily because we don't speak 'dog' very well!"  Realizing that in their world we are just 'funny looking dogs' helps us to make a leap in our human relationships.  This leap enables us to view others through their positive traits and see them as 'funny looking' humans.  The relationships we have with our pets are available to have with family, friends and co-workers.  Through the strategies our pets use, Dr. J brings insight into our lives and ways to apply this insight immediately. 


 photo by Richard Vandonge.


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