The Terraces at Heritage Square/Barrie, Ontario, CA

"Hi, Doug: Thank you again for coming. Your talk was overwhemingly received. People are talking about it to each other. There is also some kidding going on about training the dog between our ears.  There is talk about hoping you might return at another time with more words of wisdom.
  The message is so pertinent to our age group because of the time of our lives and the loss of so many faculties both physical and mental."

ESS Direct/Barrie, Ontario, CA: 

"ESS Direct highly recommends Dr. Doug Jernigan's DISC Training Seminar. It was a great Team Building exercise that our staff can use to relate to our clients on a more personal level. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.  Well done Doug!" 

Rich Drinon/Drinon Associates/Topeka, Kansas/USA:

"Doug is an excellent speaker who engages audiences with a combination of warmth, wisdom and wit. He presents valuable insights on human behavior through animal stories, examples and analogies. His style is upbeat, intelligent and entertaining. He is also a certified and highly qualified DISC consultant and trainer. Doug's success as a businessman, experience as a veterinarian, and involvement in the community earns him great rapport with audiences."

Ontario Veterinary Technician Educators


·Great!! Wished he had more time

·Excellent! Great speaker and topic, very tangible

·Excellent talk; very useful; really helped with better understanding of students and colleagues

·Interesting. Entertaining speaker. Will look at students differently

·Excellent speaker, very interesting analogy



·Fun and informative

·Very engaging, provided useful tools for forming groups of students and how to connect with each one

·Great concepts that will really help dealing with different personalities


·Interesting to know we can retrain our brain. Entertaining to know we are hard-wired

·Excellent presentation.  Interesting, will come in useful when trying to deal with students



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